On Thursday, Chongqing Municipality in Southwest China dispatched its first shipment of barium chloride to Genoa, Italy, marking the inland city’s inaugural export of the chemical.

Wanzhou Customs of Chongqing reported that the initial export comprises 25 tonnes of barium chloride, with an estimated value of about 140,000 yuan (approximately 19,717 U.S. dollars).

Barium chloride serves diverse purposes in mobile phones, vehicle batteries, chips, and other electronic goods, thus commanding significant demand in the global market. Due to its hazardous nature, local customs authorities strictly inspect its export.

The primary raw material for barium chloride is witherite. In June 2023, Chengkou County of Chongqing unearthed a substantial witherite mine boasting proven reserves of approximately 120 million tonnes.

Local authorities in Chengkou County have announced plans to export the next batch of barium chloride to Japan and the Republic of Korea.