Foreign investors find China increasingly attractive. Ministry of Commerce data show 12,000 new foreign firms in Q1 2024, up 20.7% year on year.

China rises to third in Kearney FDI Confidence Index. It remains top among emerging markets.

What lures investors to China? Its vast market, premium supply chain, top talent pool, and growth prospects, say business leaders and academics.

Khairy Tourk, an economics professor, says no company can ignore China’s market. Multinationals need it for global competitiveness.

Frederico Freire Jardim of Kraft Heinz sees China’s large population and growing demand as crucial. Ola Kallenius of Mercedes-Benz eyes China’s auto market potential.

China’s economy is predicted to grow. Ministry of Commerce stats show increased spending on big-ticket items and services.

China’s efficient supply chain and productive workforce attract companies. Apple CEO Tim Cook lauds China’s critical supply chain.

Patrick Charignon of EDF Renewables praises China’s investment-friendly environment. Scania builds a factory in Rugao City, tapping into China’s innovation and supply chain.

China’s workforce appeals to companies like Apple. Valeo China’s president sees China as an innovation hub.

China’s green transition offers opportunities. The business environment continues to improve with new policies favoring foreign investors.