2 Mistakes That Are Often Thought About Training

The world of training is full of wrong ideas. Everyone out there seems to have ideas in their heads about what works and what doesn’t. This is why the best thing you could do is watch what science says about how your body works, instead of listening to individual versions from around the world.

According to Shawn Arent, a training scientist, there are two big mistakes about training.

What 2 great myths exist about fitness?

1. If I lift weights I will get too big

What he pointed out was quite interesting: People have a wrong idea about weight lifting exercises and about cardio. The truth is that most people could benefit from combining both workouts – so much so that if people understood the truth, that healthy mix would become the rule.

“I think one of the biggest mistakes is that if you lift weights you will widen and be much more bulky. That is not true. Also, you could get many benefits doing it. Women, in particular, often say “oh, I don’t want to widen.” You don’t actually have the hormones you would need to actually be that bulky. And if you do a lot of aerobic exercise on top of that, it’s impossible for that to happen to you.

In fact, cardiovascular exercise disrupts the protein synthesis process that takes place after resistance training. And if resistance training does anything, it is to create selective hypertrophy , or to make type 2 muscle fibers grow, so that your fats are replaced by muscle fibers. The aerobic exercise , however, favors the type 1 muscle fibers .

This does not mean that you cannot gain muscle in that process. This means that you would not earn as much as if you were exclusively lifting weights.

2. Cardio makes you lose muscle mass

Another mistake that circulates a lot in this environment is that you don’t need to do cardio, or that cardio is bad because it makes you lose muscle mass .

It is as if cardio has become the carbohydrate in the fitness world. Suddenly stanozolol italia one day we started to hear “don’t eat carbohydrates, they are bad for you” and now suddenly all we hear is “don’t do cardio, it’s bad for you”. Cardio is good for you! And this is said by someone who does not like doing cardio very much, but it is good. I like everything related to strength and bodybuilding, but aerobic exercises are important inasmuch as they are very beneficial to our health, so there are no reasons why you should stop doing it.

В«If you don’t like it, don’t do it, but don’t stop doing it for fear that it’s bad. Resistance exercises, for example, are also something that can be essential to succeed in any training program. 


In the field of fitness, many myths tend to circulate that must be debunked so that people can train and progress properly. The truth is really that:

  • Just by lifting weights you will not get bigger , many other factors will intervene such as the number of calories ingested and the role your hormones play, among others.
  • Cardiovascular exercise is not going to cause you to lose muscle mass . The only thing that aerobic exercise will do is improve your general health and make the most of any training program you decide to start.

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